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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 23, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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mountain man: ♪ the outlands. an early morning shopping trip turns deadly along a busy freeway and we have just learned the flames flames -- learns the names of the victim in that horrible collision with a cruiser. a 24-year-old bride to be
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was killed in that horrific crash in palo alto. her family's suv swerved off oregon expressway and slammed right into a parked chp cruiser. just minutes ago the chp told her the names of the victims who were in that suv. amber. >> reporter: healther family and friends -- heather family and friends have been gather here at the hospital. and they just told us the name of the victim, sandica patel and her daughter sal. >> reporter: relatives and friends came to the hospital to keep a vigil to the mother and daughter. they're also mourning the death of another daughter, misha tandel. featured here on her facebook page. >> i didn't know it would turn out like this. i'm just very sorry that it had to happen. >> reporter: the highway patrol
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says nisha was driving in her family's gold lexus suv when her vehicle slammed into the back of a police cruiser. >> for an unknown reason the gold suv swerved to the right, struck our patrol car, the left rear and continued to overturn. >> reporter: the chp says alcohol and drugs were not factors in the accident. and it's still trying to determine what caused the father to veer off the road. friends tell us the tandel family had driven from san bruno late last night to the gilroy outlets to go shopping. >> they wanted to go shopping for black friday. and then so like this morning, they were coming back from gilroy. >> reporter: friends also say nisha was planning to get married in india in january. >> everybody is up about the accident. >> it was just very shocking to me. >> reporter: chp also
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identified nisha's father as 48lin tandel and a 12-year-old her name still isn't been released because she's a minor. all three are listed in stable condition at valley medical center in san jose. the highway patrol officer was treated and released this morning. reporting live here in palo alto, amber lee, ktvu news. now amazingly no one was seriously hurt when this big rig jackknifed in berkeley. the crash caused a chain reaction accident involving at least four other vehicles and closed three lanes near ashby avenue for more than an hour. there's word tonight that actor larry hagman died this afternoon in a hospital in dallas at the age of 81. hagman is probably best remembered at j.r. euwing. he recently sold off some of his dallas memorabilia. his family said he suffered complications from a recent battle of cancer. they also said he loved playing
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j.r. ewing and was so happy that he was back in the role again in an updated dallas showing. the plane went down around 3:40 this afternoon about 4 miles from the community of san andres in calav era s county. the pilot was the only person on board. his name has not been released. federal investigators are be looking into the cause of the accident. in lake county, police in clear lake are asking the help of the public to find these two teenage girls. elwood and sarah beck were last seen at a taco bell on saturday. elwood is described as 145 blonds with blond hair and blue eyes. beck is described as 135 pounds, with blond hair and hazel eyes. san rafael police say that two men were taken to the marin
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hospital and are expected to recover. a shooting happened outside of a club. a fight started inside of the club. >> i think it was just an argument that spilled out into the parking lot and seems like quite a few people had guns tonight here. >> police say they recovered several weapons and arrested two people on unrelated weapon charges. in san jose a firefighter is hospitalized tonight and 20 people are being forced to spend the night away from their homes after a three alarm fire at a complex. robert handa talked to one resident who told him exactly where the fire started. >> reporter: today clean up is underway. damage is being assessed and injuries are being treated after a fire roared through a
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townhouse on thanksgiving night. firefighters rushed to the complex around 8:30 after reports of a fast spreading roof fire. one resident said flames erupted after an explosion. >> it sounded like gunshot. and so i just panicked, i grabbed my dog and i came outside and literally like the whole, like everything was just covered in smoke. >> reporter: the fire escalated to three alarms quickly. officials say eight firefighters were in the staircase area where part of it collapsed on they will. a firefighter had to be dug out. >> basically a cracked bound in his neck. and he just got a concussion. >> reporter: we also discovered there was more than one injury. captain cowen hurt his neck and was treated and released from the hospital. in all 18 residents were displaced. we talked to the owner of the complex and said that flames erupted out of control from his fireplace. >> the fire was accidental and
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not suspicious in nature. >> reporter: fire officials emphasize fires can be numerous during the cold season. they hope this will remind people to be extra cautious. robert handa, ktvu news. the city of oakland surpassed last year's total of 110 homicides when a man was shot and killed this morning. police have not released any details about a possible motive in the 111th homicide. so far no suspects have been identified. police in richmond are stepping up patrols in the city's iron triangle after the second homicide there in a week. a man was shot and killed just before 10:00 last night. at fifth street and barrett aver. that's just a few yards away from where another man was shot and killed on tuesday. investigators say they don't know if these two shootings are connected. now to black friday, a lot of stores were packed today in some cases after people waited
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in lines for days for the doors to finally open. at this best buy in emeryville, shoppers rushed in at midnight, many were hoping to get one of the 40-inch tvs or laptops for discounted prices. in san francisco, thousands pushed through the doors at this abercrombie and fitch store. the sidewalks they were jammed with those on the hunt for deals. one man told ktvu news he didn't even have to wake up early to cash in on reduced merchandise. >> we didn't start that early. we started at 8:00. there were some pretty decent deals, stuff i could not pass up. >> reporter: for these international students, it was their first time participating in the american tradition aáepb -- and they had to take a little break after starting at 5:00 a.m. thousands of people raced through the stores of the
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paragon outlets after the stores opened last night. in the spirit of the holiday shopping days, the doors stay open a little longer until 11:00 tonight. others they skipped the outlets and headed right to their nearest mall. news chopper 2 was up early over the southland mall which opened at midnight. it stayed open until just a few minutes ago when it closed at 10:00. the mall tried to entize shoppers to spend and spend early. thousands of screaming women crowded the entrance to victoria's secret waiting for the store's opening. you see what happened there. the shoppers pushed for a chance to get the black friday bargains. mall security fortunately was able to hold the crowd back as the store manager pleaded for people to stay calm. eventually the shoppers were led in and no major incidents
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were reported. in florida police are in investigating a shooting in a wal-mart parking lot. no one has been arrested but police are searching for a dark green toyota camry. protesters targeted the nation's biggest retailer. hundreds gathered in front of a wal-mart protesting. >> reporter: the protesters are saying that the low door buster deals and low costs come at a price. it was there that they were protested but they were blocked at the door. with a band and signs in hand, hundreds of protesters lined up outside this wal-mart in san
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leandro. one group tried to enter the store but was blocked by a line of manager. >> i direct you to leave wal- mart property immediately. if you do not do so i will call police to come and remove you. >> i would like wal-mart to get better working conditions. >> reporter: the protests brought out dozens of unions, only a handful of the protesters were wal-mart employees. this worker says she makes $9.40, about $1,100 a month. >> it's very hard to make ends meet with that kind of income. i have always you know worried, i always, i am stressed out all the time. >> i think this is an important symbolic moment. we haven't seen nationwide protests at wal-mart ever. >> reporter: uc berkeley professor harley deckerson says that wal-mart earned $16 billion last year.
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he says wal-mart wages. >> the fact that a company like wal-mart is paying wages this low has economic impacts well beyond the employer themselves. >> reporter: most shoppers say they understand but are going to continue to shop at wal- mart. >> i'm a dedicated shopper at wal-mart, whether they protest or not i'm still going to come to wal-mart. >> reporter: wal-mart reported there was little impact, the stores had record black friday sales. reporting live in san leandro, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the wal- mart labor action. this was a scene in southern california. a crowd of more than 1,000 people gathered at the entrance to the store in the city of paramount. sheriff deputies ordered the protesters to leave and most of them obeyed but nine people did not and they were arrested
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without incident. another arrest came in portland oregon. police took a 33-year-old protester into custody last night after he yelled at employees then refused to leave. things were peaceful outside the portland wal-mart today. you know about black friday, how about plab friday. it's face wide but it started right here in oak hasn't -- it's nationwide but it started right here in oakland. and temperatures dropping rapidly. where we could have some patchy fog first thing tomorrow morning and the temperature change you can expect for the weekend. and it's on menus for $25 a bowl. but it won't be there for much longer. and some are claims that is discrimination.
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thousands gathered at union square in san francisco tonight for the 23rd annual tree lights ceremony. the tree was lit at 6:45 this evening. macy's donated the 83-foot tall reusable tree which is decorated with 33,000 energy efficient lights. well tomorrow is what you might call an antidote to mall shopping. small shopping. it's a national campaign called small business saturday aimed at steering holiday dollars to smaller independent stores. and ktvu's deborah villalon is
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in oakland where they kicked off their own version. >> reporter: it's called plaid friday. it started in oakland. this is the map, 30 businesses on it and this is the goal. sales for small businesses. wearing plaid is strictly optional. >> we encourage people to wear plaid because it's really fun and it shows support. >> reporter: this small owner started plaid friday to show that small businesses are interconnected. >> find out what is going on in your neighborhood. have a fun day of it. >> i don't think that oakland was much known for shopping, but there's a lot of pop up shops going on down there and a lot of really cool, fun stuff. >> it's make or break, it's very important. >> reporter: this merchant expanded her store from pop up to permanent four months ago and needs a strong holiday
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season. encouraged today was busier than normal. >> it was great, i had people waiting outside with their maps hopefully it'll be more than double. >> reporter: small businesses may not blare the big discounts but these fans shop to a different beat. >> i think people are going to the mall for deals but what are you really buying and do you know what it is, do you know where it came from, do you know who made it? >> reporter: when another tie or sweater just won't do, a small store even a thrift store can reveal a treasure. >> the last newspaper of the 90s and the first people of the 2000s. >> and that was donated to the store? >> it was donated to the store and i bought it. >> reporter: it was donated as a gift. there won't be two of those under a tree. plaid friday has spread now
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throughout the country. debora villalon. native americans chanted at an ancient indian american burial site that is now a mall. the remains of iloni people were unearthed back in the 1100s. many by researchers at uc berkeley. a boat rescue came in just after noon. the boat was taking on water about 200 yards from the berkeley pier. someone on the boat used a cell phone to call 911. >> there were three people on board. all had flotations twices so they would have saved enough in the cold water. there were calm conditions as well. >> three remains on board while
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the boat was taken into emeryville. a dog, a cat and a snake were also on the boat. firefighters had expected a fire at a power plant for days. officials say arson is not suspected and damage is less than expected. the cause though hasn't been determined. the fire is not expected to affect power or water supplies. tonight the california highway patrol reports slightly better numbers for its maximum enforcement period so far. in the bay area, officers arrested 71 drivers from wednesday at 6:00 p.m. until this morning. that's down from 73 dui arrests during that same period last year. statewide the chp has made 405 arrests so far also down from last year. there have also been 11 fatalities so far this weekend compared to 13 last year. the california highway patrol is hiring, the chp says a hiring freeze is over and it
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will take applications during a three day window from january 3rd to january 5th. candidates must be 20 to 25 years old and must pass written and physical tests as well as a background check. a new push to toss california's ban on sharp fin soup before it takes effect. protesters charged that the ban is both misleading and discriminatory. >> reporter: in san francisco's china town you can find cultural music, food, art and political activism defending a chinese tradition. >> when you look at the issue of shark fin to california it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: sharp fin soup is on the menu for $25 a bowl. chinese business leaders and leland yee voice opposition to the bill which bans the possession of sales and sales of shark fin. >> yes the current law allows you to have other parts of the shark. and that's where the problem comes in. that's where as you heard
10:21 pm
there's a sense of injustice. there's a sense of discrimination. >> reporter: members of peta had a full protest and talked about shark fins. >> oftentimes it's obtained by a fishermen who pull the shark to the dock, cut the fin and throw them back in the water to slowly die. >> reporter: governor brown signed the bill despite current laws that already bans the practice of shark finning. >> a governor, there's no such passage is illegal. >> it's just a traditionallal delicacy. something a lot of people like to see. >> reporter: we met a young chinese americans who both likes the soup and supports the shark. >> it's cruel how the way they treat the shark. just dump them back in the water after they cut the fin. >> reporter: the bill takes effect in january but opponents are trying to stop it.
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in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. we are wrapping up a very nice friday. still clear skies out there for the most part. temperatures dropping off. currently they range from 43 degrees in fairfield to 58 in san francisco. san jose in between at 53 degrees. once again with the recent rainfall we still have quite a bit of moisture on the ground. no rain in the forecast. a lingering moisture. that coupled with the cold overnight temperature. once that temperature drops down to the dewpoint. we will have some fog formation. patchy fog right around santa rosa and also fairfield. so it's not going to be widespread but still a few patches to contends with first thing tomorrow morning. san francisco 46 degrees, san jose 45. so we're starting off on the cold side for the morning. in the afternoon 60s and a few neighborhoods right around 70 degrees. we will show you the neighborhoods that could hit the low 70s and when rain chances return on the five day forecast. many people were out buying toys today, some were donating
10:23 pm
them. it was the start of the annual toy drive at lefty o' doules. >> we're still always been the best deal in the square. so and there's plenty of parking in union square garages. come by, get a drink, grab a sandwich and drop off a toy. >> they're hoping to top the 5,000 toys that were collected last year. thanksgiving may be over but the need for turkey donations sure isn't. coming up in 14 minutes, how business are turning left over turkeys into a yearlong gift. >> want your holiday package fast? really fast. the u.s. postal service hopes to deliver with a new service. the program's limitations and when you can start using it. folks are going to find ways to get things and, they'll get them by any means necessary. what one sheriff deputy says you can do to protect
10:24 pm
yourself during the holidays. into their work, their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small.
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special delivery for the white house today. the first family's christmas tree arrived today by a horse drawn carriage. the first lady michelle obama, sasha, malia and bo were there to meet the tree. letter carriers are delivering more and more packages about 10% more every year. the postoffice needs new revenue. postal officials told me today starting in three yet unannounced san francisco neighborhoods, people may get online purchases delivered in as little as two hours.
10:27 pm
>> we're very much into instant gratification, it's nice that the postoffice is doing that. >> reporter: amazon says it does same day delivery in some items. wal-mart just started doing it with their own employees delivering. this first in the nation pilot program just in time for christmas is limited to just 10 still unnamed retailers. this order by phone or internet before 2:00 p.m., you get it between four and 8:00 p.m. cost about $10. >> sometimes we're in rush to get stuff, so that sounds really good. >> reporter: the postoffice expects to make up to $50 million next year just here in san francisco. and may expand this to other cities nationwide. expect this program to begin in about three weeks. health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. today r & b singer tre
10:28 pm
songs dawned an apron and hair net before his big performance tonight. the singer served food at the cross roads homeless shelter. also posed for pictures. well it turns out thin is in this year when it comes to christmas trees. retailers say skinny trees are just as fashionable as skinny jeans these days. the trees run as tall as 12 feet. sam's club and home depot have these slim trees for sale and the market is anything but shrepder. last year people spent an estimated $1.7 billion on christmas trees -- anything but slender. today is a different kind of black friday for hockey fans. the disappointing news from the nhl and what it means for one
10:29 pm
of hockey's marquee location. and the news today about macho camacho and it's not good news. and you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. map at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school,
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or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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at at&t park today dozens lined up at the box office for orange and black friday deals. fans of the 2012 world champs were super excited to buy their tickets in some cases for as little as $5 a piece. the nhl cancelled even more games including the all star game because of their dispute with players. this season is slowly slipping away, maureen naylor has the story. >> reporter: the sharks were once scheduled to play in la
10:32 pm
today but this is about the only hockey you will find around these days here at shark's ice. >> sharks. >> reporter: this is where we found the sharks playing tonight. the junior sharks, hockey fans have to settle for watching the amateurs after the nhl announced today the lock out will continue. >> that sucks. >> it's kind of disappointed because i want to see them play, hopefully make it to the play offs. >> reporter: the players union and nhl came together wednesday but failed to come to an agreement. these days hp pavilion hosts more concertgoers than hockey fans. more than 1/3 of the regular season games will be cancelled. >> they'll probably raise the prices of our tickets and we'll just have to pay. >> it's time, we have to play. driving our fans to minor league games is not the same. come playboys. >> $30.40. >> reporter: at the sports
10:33 pm
fever store in campbell, raiders gear is outselling the sharks and most is in a warehouse. >> it's just not selling so it'll staying there. >> we got tickets so we haven't been going to any games as well because of the lock out. >> i'll come back but my plan is to buy less apparel and souvenirs to stick it to them that way. everybody says they won't come back but they'll all be there. they'll be next to me, so. >> reporter: talks with the nhl will resume this weekend. but last we heard no new negotiations are scheduled. maureen naylor, ktvu news. the mother of boxer hector macho camacho says he will be
10:34 pm
taken off life support tomorrow. camacho was shot in the head three times. they are waiting until his three children arrive in puerto rico to say their goodbyes. one son is against taking his father off life support but it's up to his mother. cocaine was found in the car. witnesses reported a second victim, police describe the suspect as a heavy set wide or latino wearing a beanie hat. business are celebrating what appears to be a good black friday. the westfield mall in san francisco reports there were more shoppers in its stores this year. nationwide black friday sales are expected to be up two to 3% compared to last year and over the entire holiday season, total sales are expected to be up any where from one to 4%.
10:35 pm
no waiting for cyber monday, ibm's benchmark reports online sales jumped 20% on this black friday compared to last year. and mobile sales grew by 4%. a lot of retail websites offer the same deals today that brick and mortar stores were offering. it was a very good day on wall street during a good trading day. the dow was up and closed above 13,000. the nasdaq rose 40. investors were encouraged by positive news. and early reports that are pointing to strong consumer spending. the grinch also likes black friday as an opportunity to steal. >> folks are going to find ways to get things and they'll get them by any means necessary. >> sheriff deputy hartman says more amateur thieves like this woman take the risk trying to
10:36 pm
get gifts for their families. a few tips, don't leave anything in your car, and cancel subscriptions when you travel so they don't pile up outside of your house, and don't postvacations on facebook or twitter. they are the turkeys that didn't make it to the thanksgiving table. but that doesn't mean they won't be dinner. the trader joe's south of market throws more than 200 of their unsold fresh turkeys. they are donating them today to st. anthony's. >> hopefully we've been able to make an impact and that's what we want to do. >> reporter: the line outside st. anthony's is as long as ever and the need is greater than ever. not just on thanksgiving day. >> we can use this throughout november, december, january, people love the meat. it's the most expensive thing on our tray. >> reporter: the trays include everything from dinner to
10:37 pm
desert. i asked the chef how he cooks turkey 364 days that aren't called thanksgiving. >> turkey club sandwich, you can do a turkey romalette. >> reporter: they have a number of seniors and retired. >> i'm having a hard month, it helps out. it may not, not having to cook or if i don't have enough food it helps me get through the month. >> reporter: and the unexpected but welcomed turkey donations will help st. anthony's put food on the table the rest of the days that aren't called thanksgiving. the need never ends. st.anthony's is already looking for christmas donations. noelle walker, ktvu news. you can't be selfish all the time. you need to help other people and be generous. >> coming up at 10:45, an
10:38 pm
outpouring of community support as kt having u kicks off the annual one warm coat drive across the bay area. -- as ktvu kicks off the annual one warm coat drive across the bay area. another warm day across the bay area. the warmest day of the upcoming weekend and the updated model that shows you when rain returns to parts of our region. and a house stuck right in the middle of home. why the homeowners refused to relocate. n
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a natural gas explosion caught on camera. the blast leveled a strip club. at least 18 people were injured including firefighters, police and first responders. one report said there were about to give the all clear when that building blew up. in news of the world tonight, in egypt clashes broke out in cairo and across the country. yesterday morsi gave himself near absolute power to counter gridlock. he says this is only until egypt has a new constitution in
10:42 pm
a few months. but many egyptians fear that this could mean an end to their recent gain. hamas officials say today's incident will not affect a seize fire that took place a week ago. check out these pictures from china. that's a five story house that now sits right in the middle of a new road on the outskirts on an eastern city. the owners had refused to sell their house as their neighborhood was being demolished. the owner said they weren't getting a fair price. the government just built the road right around the house. >> all right. new yorkers can look forward to one site of normalcy.
10:43 pm
odd-even rationing will end tomorrow morning. so many gas stations had no power and no gas. now city fishes say 85% of the gas stations are operational again. new jersey and long island have already ended that odd-even system. $29.4 billion, that is the estimated cost of the damage and losses to new jersey alone caused by superstorm sandy. governor chris christie issued that figure today. how much will be pick upped by the federal government has not yet been determined. philipino oil rig worker died today. shortly after his wife and three children arrived from manila. he is the fourth person to die after an explosion at a oil platform. 10 other people were injured.
10:44 pm
>> good. it's a good day for giving. the season of giving is in full swing. the bay area wide holiday traditional that kicks off today. >> the bay area has been on a warm streak. is it going to continue? mark tamayo has the warmest day of the weekend and when run returns to the forecast. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half.
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he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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san jose celebrated the start of the christmas holiday season this evening with the lighting of the tree. dozens came out to cesar chavez plaza. there are plenty of family events plan at the park. we kicked off the annual campaign to provide much needed warmth for the cold weather. it's the one warm coat drive. and this year we're off to a very good start. >> reporter: the coats kept
10:47 pm
rolling in and piling up. project one warm coat. >> thank you. >> okay. >> reporter: at four locations around the bay area today, girl scouts and brownnies, accepted, counted and categorized coats of all sizes. all which will be distributed by st. vincent, and st. vincent dupaul. >> it might seem like a small thing just one coat. but for folks who don't have one, it's a great thing. >> we're well ahead of last year. >> reporter: at the ferry building donations topped an all time high. >> reporter: in san jose at santana row the holiday spirit touched everyone. >> one warm coat ♪ >> this can help give coats to people who need it and so no
10:48 pm
one in our community feels all cold and left out. >> reporter: emeryville's bay street donation are not left behind. doe neighs faltered, this year warm weather inspired many but the need seems to always grow. >> i think it's important because there's a lot of people in need. you can't just be selfish all the time you need to help other people and be generous. >> reporter: today alone volunteers collected nearly 5,000 coats. the collection continues through christmas wherever you see a barrel like this one. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. well we are on a roll. lots of sunshine today. temperatures maxing out in the 60s. look at these numbers from this afternoon. temperatures right around 65 in pacifica. 70 in santa rosa. 71degrees in oakland. right now on live tracker 2, we
10:49 pm
see the sweeps and no rainfall the track and there will be no rainfall this weekend. as far as current numbers out there, they are beginning to cool off. you can see some of the 40s showing up out in parts of the north bay and parts of the east bay as well. right around concord, napa and santa rosa temperatures already back down into the 40s. forecast headlines for tonight, we have fair skies, temperatures on the cool side. tomorrow and basically the weekend. patchy morning fog. a dry weather forecast. the extended look at this more clouds, and we will be tracking a few rain clouds. in fact, multiple storms could be approaching the bay area. the bigger picture here on the satellite. main storm track right now heading to the north. you have to wait for some patchy valley fog first thing tomorrow morning that could bring a drop off to visibilities to parts of the east bay. high pressure remains in command of our weather and that means temperatures on the warm
10:50 pm
side. sunday we do cool things off just a little bit but these were all just minor changes. here is the updated long range forecast model. we'll take this right into, look what happened here by wednesday. this could be approaching the bay area. don't look at the details just yet but the over all flavor we call in the forecast business. you can see the rainfall chances wednesday into thursday. a big weather change potentially into next week but this weekend looks just great after the cold morning. temperatures back up into the mid- to upper 60s. santa rosa 69, oakland 67, we could have some patchy fog for the inland valleys first thing tomorrow morning. san jose right around 69. fremont 68 degrees and san francisco downtown just beautiful. starting out the day in the mid- 40s. those readings back up into the
10:51 pm
mid-60s tomorrow afternoon. partly sunny skies on monday, we're going to thicken up the cloud cover on tuesday. wednesday into friday we could be tracking multiple rain clouds throughout the area. but this weekend looks great, with lots of sunshine. you could be shopping in 70- degree heat tomorrow afternoon. >> sound good to me. >> thanks mark. the east bay pet rescue group law firmed their food drive -- group launched their food drive. the food goes to low income pet owners. >> the food is to keep together the guardians of the cats and dog -- dogs so they can stay together with their pets and those pets don't go to
10:52 pm
shelters. will he or won't he. the 49ers leak who's going to be the starting quarterback for sunday's game. mark has that coming up in sports. ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family
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and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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okay, mark is here with sports. warriors on a winning streak, how did it go tonight.
10:55 pm
>> nothing really to panic about, just 13 games in but no reason to think they're going to take it to another level either. a little flash here and there, but in the end another road loss for the warriors. lee consistent, a double double for him. he will hit the runners, four rebounds. the nuggets they score the first 15 of the second half. kenneth sfered a man of full activity and motion all game long. the slam there fourth quarter david lee creates a bad play. turnover andre miller long jr smith. and denver won this game going away. >> kind of a late tip for cal and georgia state. picking up just seconds before the half, justin cob finding thurmond with a nice cap. cal p pulls away. cob nice push there. and the dunk we're about five
10:56 pm
minutes left in this game. they are up 13. meantime in that same tournament earlier coach randy bennett shaved that goatee it didn't bring st. mary's any luck. matt delabadoba ice cold in the second half. 15, most of them early after a early start. lorenzo mcleod was right in the thick of it. the battle for atlantis. stanford cruising to victory in their consolation game. the one thing about playing only one game a week just way too much time in between for discussion. especially when there's something like a quarterback controversy to discuss. with the 49ers organization
10:57 pm
reported a couple of nights ago looks like kapernick will start after all. safety donte whitman confirming on a national radio show that kapernick will start. saying he caught most of the snaps in practice. kapernick is the guy and you will see it on channel 2. great rivalry up in deluth. hosting the washington huskies down at one point 28-10. they come all the way to overtime. that is pole 67-yard return with an interception that sets up the game winning field goal 31-38 cougars of wsu and they storm the field. quite an upset there particularly considering the deficit they overcame. that is the sporting life for a friday night. should be interesting come sunday. a game you will see on channel
10:58 pm
2. looks like kapernick at quarterback and it'll be a different story there in new orleans. loud crowd, in a dome, enemy territory we'll see how they do then and then we'll really have a controversy. >> if he plays well, yeah, thank you mark. >> thank you so much for trusting ktvu news. >> we'll have the latest on the conditions of the family members involved in that horrible crash in palo alto. they're here tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu.
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